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Also known as DAF's, these can be built as a family foundation. You can give a large portion to your DAF for a large deduction now, and give to charity over time.


Trusts & Annuities

Legacy's open investment platform makes a win-win-win for donors, advisors and charities. These platforms create life-long income streams that benefit charitable causes and donor's alike.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a great way to get started with charitable planning. Use this charitable vehicle as an incubator for your charitable cause that can turn into it's own 501(c)(3) in the future.

Support organizations are a mix between the benefits of a private and a public charity. Find out if a support organization is right for you

Direct gifts of cash are the smallest portion of charitable giving. Find out how you can give a donation, with a tax deduction, on non-cash assets including real estate, business interest and even animals.

The Charitable Secrets Podcast is where we discuss stories, examples and How-To's on charitable planning. Be sure to subscribe on your favorite platform or listen directly from this website. New episodes come out weekly!


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